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Why Us?

Tree surgery is one of the most dangerous occupations in the UK, not surprisingly, as we are often working with diseased and dangerous trees, using chain saws and other bone-crunching bits of kit. We fill out risk assessments and method statements to keep us up-to-date. All our equipment is regularly checked, maintained and serviced.

The law is very clear on what insurance qualifications and working practices are required to try to prevent or minimise any accident but currently a huge percentage of work is carried out by illegal, uninsured firms or individuals. Using a cowboy is not only a risk for insurance claims when they have an accident on your property, there have been cases of them raising the price after starting work and also casing out the property for future burglaries.

We have been established as a fully-insured, reputable company for over 10 years, so when you work with us you'll be dealing with professionals.

We do:

  • have public liability insurance (£5,000,000); employee liability (£10,000,000).
  • work in accordance with BS3998, and as such we wear personal protective equipment (PPE) to avoid accidents.
  • always provide a first-aid kit on site, and require climbers to take a compact kit up the tree with them.
  • clean our saws after working on diseased trees to prevent cross contamination of pathogens.
  • use biodegradable chain oils to protect our climbers and local environment (i.e. ponds).
  • employ a range of pruning techniques to minimise damage and unwanted regrowth.
  • clear all arisings from the site and recycle leaving it tidier than we started.
  • use traditional rope and harness techniques coupled with modern rock climbing equipment to minimise damage to trees.

We don't:

  • stump end branches
  • damage trees with the use of climbing irons to get more work in the future.
  • recommend work to be rushed through in order to get your money! Some trees are especially vunerable to pruning at times of the year. For example, silver birch and walnut can bleed to death if pruned in spring.
  • Fly tip - all of the wood waste created is recycled, either as logs for wood fuel or chippings as weed suppressant.

We have invested most of our profits over the years into the very latest equipment and training. We have worked with local planning departments for seven years, and consult with them most days, building relationships for the business and our clients.



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